Join Mike and Joao at the Cantina as they break down the most recent SW news. Beginning with the latest Rebels trailers and followed up with their “Word Game” to cover such happenings as: the Skellig Michael location for SW VII, Mark Hamill’s beard, Harrison’s recovery status, and some funtastic “collecting talk” pertaining to SDCC.
The guys then pull up a bar stool and pour their frothy mugs full of Tatooine’s finest blue milk. Then they let the force flow as they discuss one of the most centered topics of the Holy Saga, “The Prophecy of the Chosen One.” In this episode you will hear Mike and Joao deliberate their POV in a tactful methodology; leaving you, the listener, to unlearn what you have learned. The guys also include some amazing insights sent in by your fellow fan-base community. So grab your favorite beverage and join the cast in their forceful conversation…and together we shall rule the galaxy!


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