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Longtime friend of the Cantina Cast, Jeff Engelhardt, celebrates the 1-year anniversary of Obi-Wan Kenobi by exploring the series' lessons.
Jeditorial guest-author, Stephanie, dives into what attachment really means, and how it applies to some our favorite Star Wars characters.
From a 7-year-old watching Star Wars to Clone Wars, Rebels and The Bad Batch. Guest contributor Ben Stone explores why Star Wars animation adds so much to Star Wars.
Andor is here. Wasn't it great? While I loved it, there are a couple things from Andor that contrast with traditional Star Wars lessons.
Where Were All the Dank Farrik Aliens? The answer may (likely not) surprise you!
Longtime listener Dante DeMille unlocks the purpose of Force visions in some of our favorite Star Wars scenes across the Saga and beyond...
Cantina Cast is excited to release the first website exclusive Jeditorial, courtesy of our very own Lauren Stringer! Join Lauren as she shares her journey In Support of Jar Jar Binks...
We are very excited to introduce a new website exclusive, Jeditorials! Aside from being a clever play on words, Jeditorials is a collection of Star Wars editorials, insights, and opinions from members of the Cantina Cast and our neighboring friends in the community!