Join us at the Cantina! Mike and Joao are accompanied by Chad, the newest addition to the Cantina Cast. Chad has been dubbed “Host” of the Cantina’s official audio blog; Star Wars on Tap.

In this episode, the guys discuss the news by using the “Word Game,” filling in the ____. They confer about the spreading rumor on “No SW VII news at SDCC,” The Forest of Dean, and the two week halt on filming during the month of August.

SWOT, the Pilot episode; “This is where the fun begins.” Chad takes his place in the pilot seat, no pun intended. Here the guys talk through the ideas of how SWOT originated and where future shows will be available to view/listen. After which, Chad leads the show in deliberating topics surrounding the current state of the SW fandom: influences, personal and canon POV’s, negative bashing amongst the fandom (is this now the norm?), discourse over the Disney merge, and most importantly, how should we, as “Fans” conduct ourselves? Even more so, those of us who hold a voice for the fans, aka Podcasters etc; shouldn’t there be a “Code of Conduct/Ethics?”

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