Mike and Joao go over a ton of the recent Battlefront II news coming out of E3. 


In this special bonus show:


Battlefront 2

  • First impressions of gameplay (Theed)
    • Clones
    • Battle droids
    • Graphics
  • Abilities, Star Cards, and Class System
  • TFA themed event coming in December, FREE for everyone. Finn, Phasma, and Crait (planet) will be unlocked for everyone who has the game.
  • DLC content will be free, will be seasons. Events to keep things fresh


  • Every player who owns Star Wars Battlefront II will have access to the same iconic characters, planetary conflicts, sleek starfighters, and epic space battles throughout the entirety of the post-release support period. This starts with the Star Wars™: The Last Jedi™ Season coming this December, where all Star Wars Battlefront II players will get access to Finn, Captain Phasma, the new planet Crait, and more.


  • Takodana was announced as a map (and in the trailer it seems Kylo and Rey are fighting inside Kanata’s castle), Kamino seems to be a map from concept art.
  • Kashyyyk announced
  • Heroes discussion

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