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Main Show – Reunion

  • Opening Thoughts 
  • Were Wrecker and Crossfire trying to take each other out? 
  • Boba Fett as “Alpha” – do we see him this season? 
  • Why tell Fennec to terminate Omega is she has a “personal interest”? 
  • Omega Fett or just Omega? 
  • Omega and her word is honor.
  • What was Bane going to do if he had taken the credits and turned Omega over? 
  • What was happening on Bora Vio? 
  • Cad Bane vs. Fennec Shand – Who was the winner here? 
  • How is Omega “different” and why? 
  • Will we see Fennec Shand again this season? 
  • Will Hunter be able to keep his promise? 

Final Thoughts

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