It’s been one year since The Last Jedi hit theaters and caused a great disturbance in the Star Wars fandom. This week Albert and Jonesy welcome an old friend to the show to discuss the aftermath of The Last Jedi. Did their opinions change?
Quick Episode Summary:
  • New Thrawn Novel announcement
  • Vader: Dark Visions comic announced
  • Star Wars: Galaxy of Adventure
  • The Last Jedi at the Box Office
  • Has the comics, novels and TV shows added anything
  • Which Characters have benefitted from the other content?
  • The Last Jedi Soundtrack, still good?
  • How did The Last Jedi change Star Wars
  • What will The Last Jedi be remembered for?
  • What opinions have changed and why?
  • Where does the Last Jedi rank among the Star Wars films?
  • the impact on Episode IX
  • What are Albert, Jonesy, and Mike looking forward to in IX?
  • State of Fandom

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