It’s finally here! 200 episodes! Mike and Joao take a moment to reflect on their journey to 200 episodes and of course, thought-provoking Star Wars talk.


Quick Episode Summary:

  • Battlefront II Beta is coming October 4th
  • Ron Howard tweets a picture with Boba Fett in the background?
  • Luke Skywalker gave Lor San Tekka the map to find him?
  • A look back at 200 episodes
  • Main Topic: Obi-Wan’s sacrifice
  • Why did Obi-Wan wants to be destroyed by Darth Vader?
  • Did Obi-Wan want to have more of an influence of on the Cosmic Force?
  • Did Obi-Wan feel his mission was over?
  • Was Obi-Wan’s sacrifice to teach Luke to let go of attachments?
  • Did Luke’s attachments lead him to where we see him in The Last Jedi?

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