Mike and Joao thought they’d have a light news segment this week….they were wrong. The guys go over all the late breaking Star Wars news and speculate on the origins of those mysterious warriors, The Knights of Ren.

Quick Episode Summary:

  • Death Star III?
  • The Last Jedi novelization releases March 6th 2018
  • Rian Johnson comments on the “surprise” twists in The Last Jedi
  • Rian Johnson has a few things to finish on The Last Jedi  
  • Rian Johnson was asked about Directing epi..
  • BREAKING NEWS J.J Abrams will direct and co-write Episode IX
  • The firing of Colin Trevorrow
  • Discord Channel feedback
  • Main Topic: The Origins of The Knights of Ren
  • Did the Knights of Ren come from Jedha?
  • Did Ben Solo create the Knights of Ren?
  • Did Snoke create them?
  • Why is Kylo Ren the only knight with a lightsaber?
  • Are there a shortage of Kyber Crystals?


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