The Cantina Cast presents a “Two for One” edition of RNC: REBELS Empire Day and Gathering Forces. Join Mike and Joao as they double fist this episode after the long awaited cliff hanger from this two part story arc of REBELS. The guys really gulp down on their analytical jawa juices and dissect Ezra’s Fear(s). Even touching upon Kanan’s lessons surrounding a Jedi’s connection to the Force: “You have to let your guard down.  You have to be willing to attach to others.”  This isn’t the only apparent connection worthy of discussion. It appears the unlikely pair of Sabine and Ezra could quite possibly be in the beginning stages of forging a bond.

Which do you prefer: Wookiee Life Day or Empire Day? Mike makes it clear which side he is on as they go over Sabine’s artistic light show and TIE bombing display. “Isn’t life great in the Empire, where you’re protected by all this advanced weaponry and a trained military to wield it? This is how the Imperials celebrate Empire Day with their citizens, might as well just be saying: Don’t even think of going up against us, we have the means and we will crush you.  Of course, there’s a little matter of our band of REBELSGathering Forces…Listen in as they insightfully pour another round and dissect the discovery of Ezra’s parents, a tracking beacon attached to the Ghost, a little more on Fulcrum’s identity, the confrontation we’ve been waiting for with the Inquisitor, and Ezra’s Fear, as he unknowingly taps into the Dark Side of the Force.


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