Welcome to the Cantina Cast! Join Mike and Joao as they ‘pop the cork’ of a vintage bottle of Serenno wine in honor of Count Dooku, portrayed by the late, Sir Christopher Lee. Before they fill their glasses and say a toast, they go over the latest Star Wars news. So … ‘Bottoms Up’ as the guys kick it off with the upcoming Battlefront game from E3 and the recent announcement of Star Wars, holding a large presence at SDCC this July. Next up, they down a few shots of fossilized news, as they discuss the box office numbers on Jurassic World’s opening weekend and then, a quick chaser, consisting of the upcoming surprises by Hasbro. And now, it is time … please, raise your glasses as the guys do what they do best. Paying their respects, in a Cantina Cast character dissection and one worthy of recognition in the archives of the Podcast Order; a tribute to Darth Tyranus.

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