“They’re baaaaak!” Mike and Joao are officially back and in full effect, Cantina style. The guys break down the news in addition to their usual Cantina Ramblings. They discuss the latest notorieties surrounding the possibilities of an Obi-wan spin-off, the hinted Chrome Trooper, SW VII movie photos, along with Roger Moore and Anthony Daniels commentaries on episode VII, and they follow up with: The Clone Wars Legacy and the REBELS premiere on Disney.  

Afterwards, it’s time to get down to business and do what they do best; analyzing the Holy Saga. In this episode, Mike and Joao debate on a proposed question recently posted on their Facebook page. Whether or not Yoda’s decision to place Luke with his family on Tatooine was done out of spiteful irony or as a possible sign of respectful symbolism? So get comfy and settle in at the Cantina, but remember … this place can get a little rough.

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