Mike, Joao and Ted come back to finish the job on the Han Solo Dissection.


In this episode:

  • Han Solo thawed out and has to confront Jabba the Hutt
  • Does Han believe in the Jedi way?
  • Londo and Han’s relationship in Return of the Jedi
  • With Jabba dead, Han seems to go all in with the Rebels
  • Han giving Lando the Falcon
  • Han and Leia’s relationship
  • Han taking on the hardest part of the mission to destroy the Death Star II
  • Han and Leia’s happy ending?
  • Han Solo’s epic return in The Force Awakens
  • Back to his Smuggling way
  • The mention of Luke awakens Han
  • Does Han talk his way out of things?
  • Maz and Han’s relationship
  • Leia and Han meet again
  • Han thinking their son is gone forever
  • Han confronts his Son
  • The wrap up of Han Solo’s character.

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