THE. WAIT. IS. OVER! Albert, Lauren, and Jonesy bring you their thoughts and analysis for “The Apostate”, the first chapter in season 3 of The Mandalorian! The crew also speculates on where we’ll go in Chapter 18 and beyond as well as what connections or tie-ins we may see with future Star Wars television programs! 

Show Notes:

  • Opening Thoughts
  • Cast and Crew
  • Episode Breakdown
    • Prelude
    • Children of the Watch Once More!
    • Crocodile Mandee
    • A Mandalorian No More!
    • Hyperspace Dreams
    • Welcome to Nevarro
    • Pirates In the Courtyard
    • The Needs of the Many
    • The Awakening of an Old Friend
    • The Anzellans, Droidsmiths of Nevarro!
    • Safe Travels
    • Lessons of a Mandalorian
    • Never Trust a Pirate
    • Kalevala
  • Final Thoughts and Questions
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