Tech has feelings! Who knew, right? Albert and Jonesy breakdown all of the emotions of “The Crossing”, as Omega struggles with Echo’s departure and calls out the analytical member of the squad. Also, who stole the Marauder and what kind of whack theory has Albert come up with this week with who’s behind it?

Episode Breakdown:
Directed by: Nathaniel Villanueva
Written by: Brooke Roberts 
Story by: Matt Michnovetz

  • THEY FIXED “SKIP INTRO”…THANK GOD (was fixed last week)
  • We Bought a Mine!
  • Storm’s Coming, Ani!
  • First Signs of Team Development
  • First Signs of Ohnaka Jr.
  • Into the Mine
  • Getting Used To It
  • The Extraction
  • Grand Theft Marauder
  • Fallout and Storming
  • The Crossing Begins
  • Stampede and Explosion
  • “So, now we are trapped”
  • Omega Losing Her Identity
  • The Truth
  • Through the Mines Again
  • Fixing Mistakes
  • Tech Finds Omega
  • Tech’s Rescue
  • Something’s Wrong
  • Light Leads the Way
  • Omega and Tech
  • Land Ho!
  • Spaceport In Sight
  • Calling In A Favor
  • Omega’s Inspiration
  • Storm’s Coming Again, Ani!
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