Albert and Jonesy are back to rampage through “Rampage”, the fifth episode in season one of The Bad Batch! Show notes as follows:


  • SW: THR: Trail of Shadows is coming 
  • Variant Covers of The Rising Storm and Out of the Shadows
  • Shoutout to our newest Patreon Subscribers!

Main Show – “Rampage”

  • Initial thoughts
  • Patreon Discussion – Who did Luke kill?
  • Who was Cid?
  • Squad Rules
  • Where everybody knows your name – Cid’s
  • The start of mercenary work
  • In Search Of…Muchi
  • The problem with slavers
  • Bib’s threat
  • Captured and rescued by Omega
  • Muchi vs Wrecker
  • Cid’s payment and where do they go from here?

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