This week Mike fills in for Albert. Jonesy and Mike end up going down a few rabbit holes this week when they discuss Redemption vs Forgiveness in the Galaxy Far, Far Away.

Quick Episode Summary:

  • Denis Lawson to reprise his role as Wedge Antilles?
  • Freddie Prinze Jr rant
  • Rian Johnson’s Trilogy comments
  • Disney + 30 day out (time of the recording)
  • The Difference between Redemption and Forgiveness
  • In the Eyes of the Force
  • In the eyes of the Galaxy
  • Anakin Skywalker’s Redemption
  • Luke Skywalker’ Forgiveness
  • Kylo Ren/Ben Solo, where does he fit in?
  • Leia’ss acceptance
  • Han Solo forgiving himself and his son
  • Shout-Outs
  • EGM news
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