After some time off, Albert and Jonesy are back at, this weeks episode is all about that mysterious character, Snoke. The guys give their take on the details of the new comic: Age Of Resistance: Snoke.
Quick Episode Summary:
  • Charles Soule has something else in the works

  • Clone Commando in BF2 – do you care?

  • Jon  Favreau to direct an episode in S2 himself

  • Set to explore the untold origins of the FO

  • EW  photo-release

  • Disney + is only two months away!
  • Star Wars Thumbnail art
  • Comic Synopsis/Albert FanFic

  • Who was this comic actually about?
  • What did we learn about Snoke that we didn’t know already?

  • Thoughts on the lesson in the Rarlech system

  • Kylo Ren using the force to stop himself from hitting the ground

  • Mace Windu surviving the fall on Coruscant?

  • How the heck does Snoke now about  Dagobah?

  • How does Snoke now that Luke was there once?

  • How does he know what Luke saw?

  • Leaving the mask behind

  • Luke and Snoke’s past

  • Just how afraid is Snoke of Luke Skywalker?

  • How did Luke earn Snoke’s respect?
  • “Only what you’ve been too weak to bury” vs.“Only what you take with you”

  • Kylo vs. Luke
  • Kylo vs. Han & Leia
  • The destruction of the Cave and what Snoke wanted to see

  • Other apprentices and the ending

  • Shout-Outs/Patreon
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