After an interesting conversation on episode 282 Dooku: Jedi Lost. Albert and Jonesy felt they finally had enough information on the mysterious character known as Sifo-Dyas for a character dissection.
Quick Episode Summary:
  • Star Wars Celebration Anaheim gets dates
  • Ticket details (Link)
  • Arcade1Up to release Atari Star Wars Trilogy
  • Sifo-Dyas and Count Dooku’s relationship 
  • Bogan Collection 
  • Lene Kostana’spadawan 
  • Visions
  • How did he end up on the council?
  • Motives for requesting the Clone Army?
  • Lost Missions episodes
  • Did Sifo-Dyas Order the Army?
  • Death/Deceit
  • Shout-Outs
  • EGM’s Smoking and Drinking in Space
  • Next week
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