Once again Mike has found a way back on the show, this week Albert and Jonesy indulge his love of the Clone Wars and discuss the Clone Wars Panel from Star Wars Celebration as well as the teaser for the upcoming season.
Quick Episode Summary:
  • Early impressions of Star Wars Dooku: Lost Jedi
  • Project Luminous
  • Our experience at the panel 
  • Opening clip of the history of the show
  • Dave Fioni, Dee Bradley Baker, and Ashley Eckstein on the trust tree
  • Animation upgrade
  • How it came to be
  • George Lucas’s ideas
  • Bad Batch
  • Ahsoka
  • Siege of Mandalore 
  • Ahsoka’s new lightsaber’s and Clones
  • Maul’s look and Mindset
  • The Trailer breakdown
  • Shout-Out
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