This week Albert and Jonesy answer listener questions and speculation.
Quick Episode Summary:
  • Every Star Wars Character is getting a Tv series (sarcasm) 
  • Which is better TV or Featured Film?
  • More SWCC guests announced
  • The Phantom Menace 20th anniversary panel announced
  • Listener Questions/Speculation
  • Will Mortis return?
  • Will we have more Force focused plots?
  • Why didn’t Darth Sidious sense Darth Vader turning to the light?
  • What lightsaber duel have you always wanted to see?
  • Did Qui-Gon and Shmi have feelings for one another?
  • Will we see Lord & Miller’s version of Solo: A Star Wars Story?
  • Prophecy question!
  • Will we see Ezra’s story continue?
  • Is the Force a living entity?
  • Shout-outs  
  • Next Week

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