In this episode, Albert and Jonesy analyze one of the most intriguing characters in Solo: A Star Wars Story, Qi’ra. Have the guys changed their minds on her character since their initial screening of Solo? Is Qi’ra a pawn in the grand scheme of Crimson Dawn? Was she scheming against Dryden Vos? Did she love Han? Jonesy and Albert pose these questions and much more.
Quick Episode Summary:
  • Recap of the first Cantina Cast tour stop
  • Disney pumps the breaks on Spin-Off?
  • Disney not going with going with unproven directors in the future?
  • Qi’ra character dissection
  • Her early life on Corellia
  • How did she survive the separation from Han?
  • How did Dryden rescue her?
  • Did she love Han or Dryden?
  • Will we see her in a movie again?
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