Albert and Jonesy continue Cantina Cast tradition by breaking down the latest movie, Solo: A Star Wars Story. This week the guys continue the Han Solo Character dissection as well as talk about everyone’s favorite Wookiee, Chewbacca.
Click the following links for Part’s I & II of the Han Solo character dissections
Quick Episode Summary:
  • Han’s earlier years
  • Qi’Ra and Lady Proxima
  • Han’s last name origin
  • Military service
  • Daddy issues
  • Who played a bigger role in Han’s early development, Qi’Ra or Beckett?
  • Han shot first
  • Chewie
  • Is Chewie the same Chewie we see in A New Hope?
  • Who was the “Greedy Bounty Hunter”?
  • Is there a life debt?
  • Why did Chewie decide to join Han and not his fellow Wookiees?
  • Chewie and Han’s relationship
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