Mike and Joao were scratching their heads earlier in the week for content, when out of no where the force gives them a new Rogue One Trailer. Plus Mike and Joao try to answer a question proposed by Bryan Young on Twitter.

In this episode:
  • Rogue One International trailer #3
  • Was that a Kyber crystal given to Jyn?
  • Is Jyn force sensitive?
  • Main Topic: Could Luke have foreseen Han’s death and intervened?
  • Did Luke Sense Han’s death at the hands of Ben Solo?
  • Did Luke foresee the events in the Force Awakens?
  • Was Luke really the Force Awakening?
  • Was Luke waiting for the Force to bring him back into the fold?
  • Quote breakdown ” We don’t have time for sorrows, commander” – Leia

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