It’s that time of the year where Mike and Joao do what they do best, star wars character dissections. In Part I of the Princess Leia dissection Mike and Joao are joined by Cantina Cast contributor Rebecca Benjamin to break down the original female lead in the Star Wars Galaxy.

in this episode:

A New Hope

  • Leia’s lack of screen time in the original trilogy
  • How far we’ve come with female characters in film
  • Is Leia a stronger and smarter character than Han and Luke?
  • Her commitment to the Rebel alliance
  • How was she able to resist the mind probe?
  • How was she able to keep herself together when Alderaan was destroyed?
  • Her ability to comfort Luke after all she has lost
  • Her relationship with Luke and Han 
The Empire Strikes Back

  • Leia’s hands on approach in leading
  • Why was she in denial of her feelings with Han
  • The Kiss (with Luke)
  • Leia gives into her feelings for Han (The Other Kiss)
  • The carbonite scene
  • the Force awakens in Leia.


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